Tribute to Francesca Woodman 1

Pencil on Dorée Paper 170 g/m2
2017 / 21×30 cm

Francesca Woodman was born in Denver, Colorado, daughter of two American artists. She herself was a very early and extraordinary photographer. Her personal and artistic story consists of few years of living and working with the camera. I had the chance to visit an exhibition of her works 2010 in Milan and, well, I was deeply impressed.

From an artist point of view, I find her work inspiring, which is probably due to the extreme formal cleanliness and accurate composition of her photographs, two important qualities that drawings and paintings have (or should have) in common with photography. There’s no reportage’s attempt, no intention to stop the moment in her pictures. There’s a precise planning, preparation and composition instead. They seem to be drawn or painted with light.

This quick sketch is taken from a shooting she made in Rome (Francesca spoke Italian very well).